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Parents take many desperate measures to pay for college in today’s environment. You may have considered selling property or taking out a second mortgage. You may also have considered cashing out your retirement accounts or digging into hard-earned savings. You may even have considered PLUS loans for yourself. In the meantime, your annuity payments may be a source of discretionary income that you could live without. Having a lump-sum settlement will provide you with the funds that you need to pay for college. You can “sell my annuity” for a lump sum to get the cash you need.

Tuition in the United States has increased 900 percent over the last 20 to 30 years. Many students are giving up the schools of their dreams and settling for cheaper schools closer to home. While you may be thrilled to have your child living close to home, knowing that your child gave up a dream school may be too much to bear. A lump-sum settlement for your annuity payments could propel your child, who has worked very hard throughout high school to gain admission, to attend their desired school.


The average college graduate accumulates $23,000 in student debt by the time that they graduate. Those debt payments can put a lot of pressure on young graduates trying to find a job in today’s economic environment. In order to start paying off loans, students may have to choose jobs outside of their major or choose jobs for which they are overqualified. Instead of taking the time to find the perfect first job in their field, students get caught in a cycle of underpaying and unsatisfying jobs, just to pay off their student loans. When opportunities do finally become available in their chosen fields, these students may not be able to escape their current situation.

When you decide that you want to “sell my annuity” a company will allow you to review quotes from up to six entities who will offer you cash for your future annuity payments. You can apply online with us or over the telephone. Online applications will see immediate quotes, while telephone applicants will see quotes within 24 hours. You choose the best offer for your situation, and the money deposits directly into your bank account.

Selling annuity payments for a lump sum will allow parents to give students the freedom that they need to succeed. Life provides far too many opportunities for young people to face disappointment or to find themselves saddled with financial burdens. With structured settlement, parents can give their children the ability to leave the nest with confidence. When having cash now is more important than having it later, structured settlement factoring may be the solution that you need.

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Structured Settlement Buyer FAQ   no comments

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There are many reasons why the owner of a structured settlement annuity might need to cash out their long term payments for a one time lump sum. There could be medical expenses that arise, educational expenses for college, or other unforeseen circumstances that require a large amount of money right now. When this is the case, the holders of structured settlements can turn to structured settlement buyers.

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Types of Annuities   no comments

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There are many different annuities available today and this can cause confusion. The good news is that there are just a couple of different kinds of annuities in existence. Several main considerations define the type of annuity that is best for a specific person.

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What is a Structured Settlement   no comments

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Structured settlements were created as a means to compensate the victims of accidents and injuries. The idea behind them was to provide income for people who were severely hurt that would be paid out in smaller amounts over a long period of time, possibly for the entire life time of the individual receiving them. In such a way, the person would not show too much income to prevent them from qualifying for Medicaid to help cover the costs of their medical expenses.

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Structured Settlement Transfer Company   no comments

When you are contemplating selling a structured settlement that you own, you will need to talk with a structured settlement transfer company. There are a number of these out there who will be happy to help you in completing the work that needs to be done in order to transfer this structured settlement. The involved procedures may seem to be fairly complicated, but an experienced structured settlement transfer company will go out of their way to streamline the process so that the transaction is easy to complete.

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The Time Value of Money- Structured Settlements   no comments

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If you have a structured settlement or an annuity, then you should be familiar with the time value of money. This is especially important to grasp if you are considering selling your payments to a company that buys them. They will value your payments now based in large part on this time value of money.

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How are Discount Rates Used when Selling Settlements?   no comments

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If you have received a structured settlement, then you may have contemplated selling it in order to get a larger one time lump sum payment in cash right now. When you go through the process of determining what you can receive for it, you will hear the term discount rate used a great deal. Discount rates in fact determine the whole amount of money that you will be offered for selling your settlement, so they are important for you to understand.

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Get Cash for Your Lottery Payments   no comments

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Lottery systems all work in the same basic way where your payouts are concerned. When you win the jackpot, they ask you if you would like to receive half of your winnings upfront, or all of the prize money paid out in thirty even installments spread out over the course of the year. Many people initially make the choice to have the larger amount of money given to them over the thirty years of payments. Later on, when some unanticipated expenses arise, they are often sorry, and they wish that they could change their minds. The good news is that this is not an irrevocable choice once you make it.

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Get the most Cash for your Annuity Payments   no comments

You may have inherited a set of annuity payments in the death of a loved one for whom you were a beneficiary. You also might own an annuity yourself and regret your choice of opting to receive smaller monthly payments over a longer period of time. Whatever your situation is with an annuity, you have the ability to sell your annuity payments in order to receive a lump sum one time amount of money now.

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Get Cash for Structured Settlement Payments   no comments

If you have a structured settlement payment program that you own, then you will know how frustrating it can be waiting to get that check every month. What if there were a way that you could cash out the structured settlement now and receive a large, one time amount of cash for it instead of getting only a little bit at a time? There is such a vehicle now, and it is available through selling your structured settlement payment to a structured settlement payment company.

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